Friday, 18 May 2012

Facebook IPO by the Numbers: Zuckerberg’s Loot and More

by Matthew DeLuca May 18, 2012 4:35 PM EDT

From the number of billions in Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket to the millions of shares sold in that first frenzied minute, Matthew DeLuca breaks down the social network’s first public outing.

Photos: Facebook IPO’s 8 Big Winners

82 million – Shares traded in the first 30 seconds of trading. Mark Zuckerberg rang the opening bell from Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., flanked by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

$38.00 – Facebook’s initial offering price.

$42.05 – Price per share at the start of trading.

$38.23 – Cost per share at end of trading—a daily gain of 23 cents.

$20.3 billion – Approximate amount Mark Zuckerberg is worth after the IPO.

28 – Age of Mark Zuckerberg, as of Monday.

$16 Billion – Amount Facebook raised in its record-breaking IPO.

2 – S&P 500 companies with a higher current valuation: Amazon & Equity Residential.

2 – Number of companies—Visa and Italian company Enel SPA—that had initial public offerings larger than Facebook’s.

38 – Percent of IPO shares that reportedly went to Morgan Stanley, Facebook’s lead underwriter. Twenty percent of shares on Friday were said to go to JPMorgan and another 15 percent to Goldman Sachs.

566 million – Approximate number of shares of Facebook traded on Friday, the most ever for a U.S. stock on its first day.

25 to 29 – Percent of Ameritrade’s total trading volume taken up by Facebook Friday.

21.4 – Percent of total Friday trading on Nasdaq composite index taken up by Facebook trades.

421 – Number of Facebook users (as of 4:45 p.m. ET) who “liked” Mark Zuckerberg’s status update noting that he’d “listed a company on the NASDAQ.” The update had 30 comments.

2.3 – Percent stake of Facebook owned by U2 frontman Bono’s investment group Elevation Partners.

1,000 – The number of new millionaires the IPO was rumored to create.

2 – Hours that wannabe investors were left in the dark about the status of their buy and sell orders after a Nasdaq glitch gummed up trading.

$5.11 – Amount of revenue Facebook generated per user in 2011. For sake of comparison, Google generated an average of $30 in revenue per user.

“Hundreds of millions” – Amount in dollars Brazilian-born and Singapore-based Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin said he will pay to the United States government. Saverin, whose stake in Facebook may total as much as $2.89 billion, renounced his United States citizenship last year.

1 in 8 – People on Earth who use Facebook.

1 – Company bought by Facebook while investors were dazzled by its IPO. A mobile gifting service called Karma, the company reportedly employs about 16.

1 – Gag Facebook stock certificate mocked up by MAD magazine. Begins: “Thank you for funding our ongoing effort to collect and control every single piece of personal information on the Internet.”

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Matthew DeLuca is a reporter and researcher for Newsweek/The Daily Beast. He has written for New York’s Daily News and The Boston Globe, among other publications. He was the editor of Boston College's independent student newspaper, The Heights.

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