Friday, 18 May 2012

John Mayer Is Already Working On A New Album, And He May Be High

John Mayer Is Already Working On A New Album, And He May Be High
The new, improved and enlightened John Mayer is just days away from releasing his new album, Born and Raised.
The musician, who spent the past two years in hideout, reflecting on his troubled past and ripping off Johnny Depp's style, is excited to release his long-awaited album. He "soberly" told guests at a recent listening party:
"You forget anyone is ever going to hear it because it seems so far off."
That's deep bro. LOL!
John revealed that he's currently writing on his next album, and hopes to start recording as soon as this summer. The artist announced:
"I've been thinking I'll record in July and August. I'm already writing – I've got nothing else to do. Like any other job, you finish a project – you start another project."
 profound musician explained the importance of writing a new album ASAP:
"Whether or not I can sing, there's a way I can see the world right now that I won't again. And if you're a writer, you write the way you can see the world at that moment."
Excited to hear how is new state of mind has affected his music??
You don't have to wait long! The record comes out May 22.

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